Here are my prices for commissioned portraits:

Commission Table


Materials that I work with

My paintings are created with the finest quality archival artist’s watercolors on archival Ampersand Aquabord. Aquabord is clay-coated hardboard that emulates paper but gives the artist unprecedented freedom and control. Once the painting is completed, I finish the surface with UV-resistant Acrylic gloss varnish, and the painting has no need of glass or any other highly reflective covering. If you choose, I can mount the Aquabord on a cradle, which offers a contemporary gallery frame appearance to the painting and eliminates the need for a frame. I stain the poplar cradle with a golden oak stain. Once you receive the painting you can hang it right away, or if you would like to have it framed, it will fit into a standard 2″ rabbet frame.

5 Easy steps to commissioning a beautiful watercolor portrait

  1. Email  me.  Tell me what you want. I can combine images and work in any size image.
  2. Attach  a digital photo to the email, or mail a photo to me.
  3. Discuss your ideas by email.
  4. Pay  by credit, debit card  or PayPal only when you feel ready.
  5. Receive a watercolor portrait in around 4 to 5 weeks, and a digital version as well.

How to choose the right artist for your portrait painting

There are a lot of artists painting portraits and advertising online. How do you know who to choose? Here are some ideas to help you decide:

  • Choose an artist based on their prior work. If an artist has work that is consistent and recent, then you have a good idea of what they can accomplish.
  • Choose an artist whose work looks like what you want your final product to look like. Look at several artist’s work. Select an artist whose style is similar to your desired finished result.
  • Choose an artist whose price is reasonable for the value that you are receiving. When you look at your portrait years from now, will you know in your heart that you paid a fair price for a good value?
  • Choose an artist whose portraits convey feeling. As impressive as photo-realism is technically, art is about visually expressing feeling, and portraits are all about feeling.
  • Choose an artist who paints in the medium you like. Oil paintings look very different from watercolors, and pastels are still different. Look at the work of different artists to decide which medium you are looking for.


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