Here are my prices for artwork:

 2018 Prices

Materials that I Work With

My paintings are created with the finest quality archival artist’s colored pencils, watercolors, or oils on surfaces that are archival: paper, Aquabord®, Gessobord®, or canvas.


Watercolors, pencil, and colored pencil images: Once the Image is completed, I finish the surface with a protective UV-resistant acrylic spray.

Oil paintings: Oils are finished with a protective non-yellowing varnish, which allows the oil painting to “breathe” as it continues to dry over the next year. After a year, the painting can be finished with a final varnish, if desired. A final varnish is not necessary, it just adds an additional layer of protection for the painting.


Since framing is a very personal choice, and often chosen in accord with a home or office decor theme, I sell my work unmatted and unframed. If you choose, I can mount the image on a cradle, which offers a contemporary gallery frame appearance to the painting and eliminates the need for a frame. Once you receive a cradled painting you can hang it right away, or if you would like to have it framed, it will fit into a standard 2″ rabbet frame.

5 Easy Steps to Commissioning a Custom Painting

  1. The first step is to email me photographs. Because my aim is to create highly detailed portraits, it is important to send me the best quality image you have. Please see below for photo guidelines.
  2. We will work together to choose the best size, medium, and style of painting. I work in many styles. 
  3. With these details solidified, I email you an invoice, and your payment places your name in line.
  4. Once I begin work on your image, you will receive progress images along the way, allowing you to give input and guide me to create the perfect image. This will ensure you are 100% satisfied with the outcome.
  5. Once the painting is finished, dry, and you are completely satisfied, I ship the painting using the quickest methods possible so it’s with you as soon as possible! Oil paintings take several weeks to dry before I am able to ship.

To Order:

Email me at or visit my Etsy page.


The quality of the photographs you supply me greatly affect the outcome and quality of your finished image. It is very important to send photographs that exhibit great detail and focus. I always suggest sending a few photographs so I may get an understanding of your subject and so I am able to see the different colors and angles. All these subtleties will make your painting unique.

​It is necessary that I review your photos before I accept your order. Unfortunately, what may seem like a great snapshot of your subject may not translate as a beautiful image. My aim is always to deliver the very best of my work to my customers, and to give you a custom painting that you can be proud of. Please feel free to send an email with attached images so we can discuss your options.

Acceptable photo formats:
High resolution, 300dpi or greater jpegs through email
A CD containing the images, or photographs via snailmail.

**Please do not send me professional photographs, unless they were taken by you! Due to copyright infringement laws, I cannot paint from these types of photos. If you decide to send photos from a professional photographer, they must be accompanied by a signed release form from the photographer.

​All CDs and photographs will be returned with the completed painting, however, I ask that you send duplicates in case something should happen to them.

How to Choose the Best Artist for your Commissioned Painting

There are a lot of artists painting portraits and advertising online. How do you know who to choose? Here are some ideas to help you decide:

  • Choose an artist based on their prior work. If an artist has work that is consistent and recent, then you have a good idea of what they can accomplish.
  • Choose an artist whose work looks like what you want your final product to look like. Look at several artist’s work. Select an artist whose style is similar to your desired finished result.
  • Choose an artist whose price is reasonable for the value that you are receiving. When you look at your portrait years from now, will you know in your heart that you paid a fair price for a good value?
  • Choose an artist whose portraits convey feeling. As impressive as photo-realism is technically, art is about visually expressing feeling, and portraits are all about feeling.
  • Choose an artist who paints in the medium you like. Oil paintings look very different from watercolors, and pastels are still different. Look at the work of different artists to decide which medium you are looking for.

To Order:

Email me at or visit my Etsy page.

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